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At Arcos, we understand how difficult life as an expat can be. When you’re in a new country, you need tax and financial services you can trust, who appreciate your challenges, and know what’s in your best interest as a Hong Kong expatriate.

We help expats from Hong Kong living in London report their taxes accurately, both at home and abroad. Our services focus on transparency and prosperity because we want what’s best for our clients. We aim to keep you from overpaying your taxes and ensure you’re up to date on all tax obligations, in the UK and Hong Kong.

Moving from Hong Kong to the UK

Transplanting your life from Hong Kong to the UK is a big step with a lot of preparation involved. Before you set foot in the UK, we can help you understand your new tax situation, inform you of the benefits of UK tax residency, and prepare you for your tax requirements if you choose to travel back and forth between Hong Kong and the UK.

From a tax perspective, we’ll make your move from Hong Kong to London as painless as possible.

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How We Help

Tax Planning

You may need to plan before your move, depending on your situation. We’ll advise you on all benefits and liabilities so you can make the best financial decisions for your family.

UK Tax Rules

Coming from Hong Kong, you may face certain obstacles when it comes to UK taxes. As specialists in expat taxes, we’ll show you how the UK tax rules apply to you.

UK Tax Benefits

Living as a Hong Kong expat in London may entitle you to tax benefits. Arcos will help you sort through the various advantages UK tax residency may hold for you.

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Please read through our frequently asked questions. If you would like more information please contact us.

If you are a US person (ie citizen, greencard holder, or US resident), then yes you have to pay and file taxes in both the US and UK. With proper planning, using the US-UK tax treaty and foreign tax credit mechanisms, we can ensure that you do not suffer double tax.


There may be other situations where you might have to pay tax in another country, for example if you sell a property located in another country but you sell it while you are UK resident.

By working with a qualified adviser to ensure that the amount you owe is calculated correctly.

If you are a US person, it will depend on how well your US and UK tax position can be aligned and balanced so you don’t suffer double tax

Yes we can help with completing both US and UK tax returns. Please click here to find out more

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