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US & UK International Tax

For Americans living in the UK, managing tax is always a delicate balancing act between your US and UK tax obligations.

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We provides specialist advice for individuals and families in this situation to ensure that their positions are aligned in both jurisdictions and that they are not suffering double tax.

We can also provide advice should a US person decide that they wish to expatriate and working with their immigration attorney, can help to assess the tax consequences for doing so and file the relevant forms with the IRS.

For other, non-US foreign nationals living in the UK, your residence and domicile position can heavily affect your UK tax liability and we provide bespoke advice in this area to ensure that your position is optimised.

US Gift and Estate & UK Inheritance Tax

For Americans living in the UK, balancing their US Gift and Estate Tax position with any potential UK Inheritance Tax exposure can be incredibly tricky.

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The UK is one of the few jurisdictions that has an Estate Tax Treaty with the US and utilising this correctly is essential in making sure that wealth passes efficiently to the next generation. We can conduct a review of your position and make recommendations, often working alongside specialist US and/or UK tax lawyers depending on complexity to give you the peace of mind that you need.

For other, non-US foreign nationals living in the UK, your domicile position will heavily affect your exposure to UK Inheritance Tax. We can conduct a review of your position and make recommendations, working with advisers in your home jurisdiction to ensure alignment between the regimes in your home country and the UK so that your wealth passes to the next generation in the way that you want it to.

Property and Capital Gains Tax

We can advise on the consequences of owning either US or UK real estate including reporting obligations with regards to rental income as well as understanding the consequences of and planning for eventual sale or inheritance.

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For Americans living in the UK, we can help you plan for and understand the US and UK tax consequences of selling a main home taking into account the differing rules in each jurisdiction as well as foreign currency issues.

We can also provide advice around the tax consequences of owning and selling foreign investments. Both the US and the UK have punitive tax regimes upon sale for holders of certain types of non-US and non-UK investments respectively, so it is important to review your position to ensure alignment between both jurisdictions.

US and UK Tax Return Preparation

We offer a full US and UK tax return service including the following service:

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UK Tax

UK Self Assessment returns (SA100) and Capital Gains Tax returns for the sale of real property returns (NOTE these are due 30 days after completion of sale).

US Tax

US Individual Income Tax Returns (Form 1040 or 1040NR), State tax returns as well as other information returns such as Foreign Bank Account Reports (FBARS) Form 8938, Form 5471, Form 3520/3520-A, Form 8621, Form 8858 and others.

US Delinquent filers

Where you may have not filed US returns for a number of years, we specialise in helping clients catch up with their affairs using one of the IRS official disclosure programs and have helped many clients successfully re-enter the system with minimal or no penalties to pay

What Our Clients Say


I can’t recommend Ishali Patel strongly enough. Due to a change in personal circumstances I had a tight deadline to complete my US tax obligations. Ishali was not only very knowledgeable on both UK and US tax matters but also provided invaluable support, advice and guidance. She was able to ...

Neeral D

I wholeheartedly recommend Arcos. I interacted with Ishali who is friendly and professional. She is always prompt in answering questions I had and her answers were detailed and informative. Working with her put me at ease and I could confidently rely on her to deal with US-UK tax. Most importantly, ...

Bradley A

Ishali is wonderful. She has offered us very good advice and is always a pleasure to work with. I recommend her in the highest terms.

Hans-Erik A

Ishali is terrific. Her expert guidance has been instrumental in navigating the maze of US expat tax regulations. She is extremely responsive, clear, and attentive to the needs and concerns of the customer – truly wonderful to work with. I enthusiastically and unreservedly recommend Ishali and Arcos.

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